For the Support Line you can contact us at the following telephone numbers and e-mail address.      

Phone Number : + 90 212 914 10 88         

Phone Number : + 90 850 420 36 50


Standard Support Service

You can take advantage of following services by buying Coslat Support Package

• Firmware Upgrade
• Blacklist update
• Check and Renovation Firewall Rules Support
• Check Log correlation and Log Features
• Ipsec, PPTP and Open VPN Support
• Check Log correlation and Log Features
• Training of new Features that come with Firmware update
• Check NAT,Port Direction and Manuel Out NAT Settingd ang reform if it is necessary
• Interface Assignment and Creating VLAN on COSLAT
• Check DHCP and DHCP Features Support

Coslat Remote Monitoring Service

We’r remote monitoring your devices for getting the best performance and secure.

We provide precautions before encountering any difficulties, or we inform you even if you do not notice when there is a problem. We create reports with specific periods and inform you about your past system usage.

We create Triggers for your system specific service and system performance and provide instant warnings. We provide 24/7 monitoring and we warning system.

We’r monitoring critical processes for you

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