Log Server Solutions

Log Server Solutions!

We report your internet traffic in detail with Coslat Log Server reporting software, and ensure that you can make the necessary analysis.


  • Keeping record through Mirror port without any decrease in performance,
  • Analyzing your web traffic by getting daily and monthly reports with desktop reporting software,
  • Writing the records on itself and at the same time forwarding to other locations such as ftp server, file server
  • Recording the URL contents and header information,
  • With the vlan compatibility recording in networks with different vlan structures,
  • Centralized reporting in the structures with different locations with centralized recording,
  • Logging of the traffic of more than one interface,
  • Keeping the records in itself or backing them up to ftp or Windows sharing,
  • Recording the different http ports as well
  • Easy access to the proxy server logs through web interface,
  • IP-User matching in proxy server logs,
  • Examining date-time based logs in proxy server logs,
  • Total web-traffic usage based on IP-User,
  • Following the traffic on instant IP basis,
Login Keep Mirror Ports
It enables a copy of the traffic which passes through manageable switches to be recorded by diverting it to the self existing port (Coslat Log Server Mirror) and enables these records to be signed.
VLAN Network Compatibility
In the networks which are using vlan, it performs recording and signing activities from one point by using mirror feature as required by Law numbered 5651.
Syslog Feature
Coslat Log Server Mirror has central logging feature by using syslog which is a log transmission standard. It can receive the logs transmitted from devices which record the logs in standards of syslog (cisco, isa, etc.), can keep the logs by separating them in specific criteria and can sign them in compliance with Law nr. 5651. With the agent which works as service by being installed to the Windows based clients/servers, it provides all the logs to be transmitted by syslog, signed and recorded. DHCP, IIS, Mail, System Events etc.
 Coslat Monitor (Reporter)
This is an application which provides analyzing and reporting for the time stamped records which have been formed in Coslat Monitor , Coslat Firewall, Hotspot and Mirror applications.
Reports which can be formed:
  1. IP, MAC, URL, User Name (GSM No, T.R. ID No, User), Reporting on access date basis
  2. To make daily, weekly, monthly reports
  3. Advanced search preferences (Date range, IP, MAC, URL, Http Method filtering)
  4. Associating the IP, MAC addresses with Hotspot user names
  5. Instant displaying of the formed reports and saving in excel format.
Reports can be seen in the home screen of the application by clicking “Reports on User Basis”.
 If internet access is being provided with Hotspot application; 
user actions are associated with the log-in method with IP and MAC matching .
(T.R. ID No, GSM No, User Name).
If it is desired to make detailed search in the reports; "
inquiries on IP, User, URL, MAC, Date, Time " and HTTP Method basis can be made by clicking “URL Reporting” on the left menu.


We provide detailed logging and reporting so you can analyze your network traffic...

Coslat Kibana Integration

This is an application ensuring analysis and reporting of timestamped records created on Coslat Firewall, Hotspot and Mirror applications with Coslat Kibana integration.

Log collection by Network Listening in Passive Mode (Mirror Port)

Network listening and log collection by operating your Coslat log device in passive mode on mirror port without touching your existing network structure.

Ready-Made Report Templates

There are ready-made report templates in Coslat Reporting application and ready-made templates can be used on the reporting arbitrarily..

SysLog Server Property

The ability to send The log files kept in the system can be send to the intended syslog server with Syslog property at the same time.

Exporting in formats such as PDF, Word, Excel

The records analyzed in PDF, Word or Excel formats can be exported on demand during analyses of timestamped records with Coslat reporting application.

Automatic Log Backup

Records signed in accordance with law no. 5651 can be kept on the system as well as sent to a computer running on Windows or to a FTP server with Automatic lock backup property.

Easy Access to Web Interface

Easy access to Coslat web interface by using the IP address of related network interface.

Centralized Reporting for Different Locations

You can receive timestamped records from many different locations and anayze them from a hub by using Coslat reporting application.

Listening to Different Non-Web Ports

Coslat Mirror does not only listen to HTTP and HTTPS port numbers, but can listen to and record other intended port numbers also.