Firewall Solutions


Do not be afraid of increasingly complex security threats! New Generation Coslat Firewall offers you integrated solutions from a single hub with its usable Web Interface.

Besides protecting you against cyber attacks with Coslat Security solutions, we minimize your employees’ loss of time on the internet by limiting internet use based on user and group by means of URL filtering and Proxy features.

Coslat Firewall Product Features:
  • Forming user and group based rules special to interface,
  • Usable Web Interface,
  • Keeping record signed with electronic time stamp in accordance with the law nr. 5651,
  • Forming user and group based limitations,
  • Can work Routing, Nat and Bridge Modes,
  • Can Record URL(Host, IP, MAC, Method) and all tcp traffic,
  • Providing homogeneous internet usage to the internet users with bandwidth limitation,
  • Configuration as VPN Server,
  • While writing the records in itself, to be able to transfer them to other locations such as file server, ftp server at the same time,
  • Preventing record loss during disk failures by writing the records on more than one disk at the same time,
  • Backing-up automatically through network according to an assigned date,
  • Providing high security by Intrusion Detection and Prevention System,
  • Preventing known malicious and inconvenient web sites with continuously updated black list,
  • By being configured as Proxy server, providing domain user name and password usage for internet access,
  • To be configured as DHCP server and DHCP Relay Agent,
  • Signing and keeping the records which are being received through other software and hardware with SysLog Server feature,
  • Configuring manual or automatic NAT options,
  • Identifying more than one IP to one interface with virtual IP,
  • Obscuring violations of rules against IP changes by matching IP and MAC,
  • Forming rules which can automatically be changed via assigning time,
  • To be configured as DHCP server,
  • Identifying rule on protocol basis according to the target or source IP addresses,
  • Identifying different gateways according to the source IP and target IP or source port and target port,
  • Making packet inspection with status info,
  • Can define PPPoE interfaces,
  • Blocking P2P applications (Application Layer Inspection),
  • Dynamic and Static Routing,
  • Identifying bandwidth on port or IP basis,
  • Administering more than one gateways,
  • Grouping more than one gateways with failover or load balance,
  • Kural bazında log tutabilme
  • Ip and Port groups can ben created,
  • Protocol based bandwith can be created,
  • Providing high security by means of Intrusion Detection and Prevention System,
  • To be able to identify rules to more than one interface by forming interface groups,
  • SNMP support,
  • Providing secured connection between the branches with Site to Site IPsec VPN support,
  • Enabling external users to connect safely within the company with Client to Site PPTP VPN support,
  • Forming rules according to the determined conditions,
  • Detecting attacks with IDS/IPS module,
  • To be able to work without proxy defining with transparent proxy server,
  • Transparan modunda hedef ya da kaynak IP’ye göre vekil sunucu dışı bırakabilme
  • Determining file download and upload limitations,
  • File limitations can be defined by extension,
  • Determining permissions per user name with local authentication,
  • Determining permissions per user name with Domain Controller authentication,
  • IP adreslerine göre MSN engelleyebilme
  • Ultrasurf, Teamviewer,ve Logmein gibi uygulamaları engelleyebilme.
  • IP bazında farklı ağ geçitlerine yönlendirme yapabilme.
  • Blocking the defined web sites with URL Filtering,
  • Scheduled URL Filtering Rules Can be defined,
  • To make filtering between required hours by time assignment at URL Filtering,
  • To make URL filtering on category basis,
  • Continuously updated blacklist,
  • Adding new ones to the existing categories,
  • Adres yönlendirme ile istenilen web sayfalarını başka sayfalara yönlendirebilme
  • Blocking all the traffic on user and group basis and permit only specific web pages.

Usable Web Interface

You can easily customize your firewall with usable web interface


We provide detailed logging and reporting so you can analyze your network traffic.

Application Filter

You can block applications by using Layer 7.

Multiple Gateway Management

You can direct users to different gateways for the internet usage more effective.

Load Balancing

You can combine multiple gateways with Load Balancing.

Load Failover

The failover feature automatically makes another gateway active when a gateway is down.

VPN Support (IPSec, OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP)

You can provide more secure remote connection by VPN technologies.

IDS/IPS Modules

You can block attacks and harmful content With the IDS / IPS module.

DHCP Server

You can lease automaticly IP address to clients by using DHCP Server.

Web Filtering

You can block category based websites with the updated blacklist continuously.

Tracic Graphics

You can instantly monitor the internet usage of clients from the traffic graph.