Coslat 2FA


We provide a second authentication by sending a PIN to the defind user cell phone by SMS for VPN connections..


SMS verification
Google Authenticator ile doğrulama
Using local user accounts
Real-time protection
Protection against password tries (brute-force attacks)
Production of a new code for each connection request
Authentication with LDAP
LDAP tan otomatik telefon çekme
Authorization with LDAP Security group
Easy integration with SMS providers
Advanced Reporting

More Secure VPN Access

We provide more secure VPN Access by applying a two-step verification (two-factor authentication) for the VPN Connection with Coslat 2FA.

Protection Against Password Theft

Even if password is stolen by a hacker, he will not be able to reach the information in the second step to make a VPN connection thanks to two-step verification with Coslat 2FA.

Minimum Impact in Use Errors

Secure VPN Access and minimum impact in client errors will be ensured, because clients will be subject to two-step verification with Coslat 2FA.

Active Directory Integration with LDAP

Utilization of user cell phone information etc. with Active Directory integration with LDAP. .

Access to limited Resources with Authorization

Client can have access to and manage limited resources with authorization after making a successful VPN connection.

Easy Integration with SMS Providers

Ensuring easy integration with many different SMS providers.

Easy Cell Phone Identification

Phone number can be identified manually for a client as well as identified and retrieved over Active Directory.

Protection and Informing Againsy Password Tries

You will be informed about the theft of your password with a message to your cell phone through protection against password trials.

Advanced Reporting

You can see the active users and report the users and their operations with the advanced reporting property.